Hi, this is Paul again.

   Here are two more e-books which will continue your journey into the exiting world of responsive copywriting!

   They are called:

   - "How to Write an Advertisement that Sells Like Crazy" - learn how to write advertisements that get results, the results you want and need for your business, even if you have never written a successful ad before, or never written any add before!

   -   "101 Tips for Successful Copy: How to Write Copy for Maximum Results Without Spending a Fortune on a Copywriter" - Learn how to write marketing copy that will ride the rails straight into your prospect’s mind and heart and increase your results by 10%, 20%, 50%, or more, without having to spend loads of your cash for somebody to do it for you!
    The price is $17 for both, including your free bonus e-books:

       -  "How to get more Prospects and Sales with Email Marketing" - this booklet will help you to build a strong and engaged email list.
       -   "How to Upgrade Your Communication Skills."  This booklet will help you develop your communication skills to get just about anything you want!

   If you would like to know more about them before you order, please visit my website: PaulsAdvertisementAndMarketingNews.com

   Otherwise, to order, please click the button below. You will go go my PayPal page where you may confirm your payment, and then I will send you an email with a link to download your e-books.

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